Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Silver Spoon
Q: I have a silver souvenir spoon that was made for the opening of the Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather were born there. There is a picture of the museum in the bowl of the spoon and three towers on the end of the handle. Can you tell me if this spoon is worth much today?

A: Thorvaldsens Museum was founded to display the works of Bertel Thorvaldsen, a neoclassical sculptor who was born in Copenhagen in 1770 but who lived and worked in Rome most of his life. The museum, which opened in 1848, is Denmark's oldest museum building. It contains drawings, sketches, and original models for most of Thorvaldsen's sculptures, as well as his collection of works of art. The three towers on the handle of your spoon are a symbol used on Copenhagen's coat of arms and town seal. Thorvaldsen died in 1844 and was buried in the museum courtyard in 1848. The spoon is not a well-known souvenir spoon, but spoons of this type with an enamel bowl sell for about $75.

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