Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Interesting pieces we came across recently that are not often seen at a show: a piece of Dorothy Liebes (1899-1972) hand-woven fabric almost 9 by 8 feet was offered for $9,500. I had Liebes drapes on the single window in my library when we moved into our house in the 1950s. The fabric was shades of beige with silver and pastel threads. A must for the designer house of the time. Also at the show: a Peter Hunt bedspread made in the 1940s. Hunt is best known for his painted furniture with folk-like decorations of people and plants. The bedspread had a price tag of $9,500. If your family saves everything, take a good look at the fabrics of the 1960s and earlier. Old drapes are sometimes valuable.

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Betsy W said...

My grandmother was a weaver for Dorothy Liebes when Dorothy started her studio. I was wondering if her weavings would have any value. I also have notes from Dorothy to my grandmother about her weavings.