Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Don't be fooled into thinking you have one of the valuable copies of Action Comics No. 1 (ezine, Feb 24). The comic book that introduced Superman has been reprinted several times. The reprints are the size of a new comic book. The original is a little larger. A 1970s reprint was also large, but the date is at the bottom of the inside cover.

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David Tosh said...

The 1970s Action Comics #1 reprint was actually much larger than the original 1938 edition, about the size of a Life Magazine (10.5" x 13"). It originally had an outer cover with the correct publication date, but those were printed on heavier paper, and easily slipped off the staples. The inner cover & comic are a near-perfect replica, with no later date. We get calls on these all the time here at Heritage.