Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Heisey Butter and SpoonerQ: I have two pieces of glassware that I think date from at least 1900 and were brought from Hungary or Slovakia. The color is yellowish. The mark on the bottom is an "H" in a diamond. Can you identify the maker, origin and value?

A: Family legends often attach to the wrong antique. Your glass is not from Europe. The "H" in a diamond mark was used by A. H. Heisey and Co. of Newark, Ohio. The company was in business from 1896 to 1957. Your dishes were made in Heisey's Ring Band pattern, made from 1900 to about 1903. Heisey named this opaque color Ivorina Verde. Collectors sometimes call it custard glass. Your pieces are part of a table set. A complete table set consists of a spoon holder, covered sugar bowl, covered butter dish and a creamer. The two pieces would sell for about $200.


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Luisa Subero said...

hi, I have a small plate/pin dish
mark on back royal worcester crown ware england and is marked on red
9-m. The decoratin on front is "The White House- Regents Park"
i would like to know the value.

I also have a saucer Stunning Red Royal Stafford" and i want to know the value. Thanks, Luisa