Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Some collectors are "decorators" who buy to fill the house. Some are "historians" who buy to research and record. Some are "complete set buyers" who want every collector plate. And some are "accumulators" who buy what appeals to them. But the collections must be sold or given away one day. In the last few months, we have seen a collection of two million butterflies and moths valued at about $41 million donated to the Florida Museum of Natural History. A collection of more than 500 cow figurines, paintings and other cow-related objects was sold at auction. One item, a cabinet filled with 300 toy cows, sold for almost $6,000. Three huge mechanical bank sales were held in 2009, and six separate auctions are needed to sell the toy collection of Donald Kaufman. The first two sales brought $7.1 million. Don't forget your collections are financial assets.

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I have a vintage pen/card holder marked sterling decorated bronze by silvercrest #141

could you give me some information on it