Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Quimper Pottery Casserole DishQ: I picked up this casserole marked Keraluc at a flea market and have been unable to find any information about it. Can it be real Quimper, or do you think it is a fake, and what would it be worth?

A: Pottery marked Quimper was made in the town of Quimper, France. The first Quimper pottery was established in 1685. Two other potteries using the Quimper name were established in the 1700s. Typical designs on Quimper pottery include peasants, the sea, and flowers. Keraluc was founded in the town of Quimper in 1947 by Victor Lucas, who had worked at two of the Quimper potteries. Designs were more contemporary than those made at the original Quimper potteries. The company was reorganized and operated under the name Stylform from 1985 to 1993, when it was bought by the Socit Nouvelle des Faienceries de Quimper. Your casserole dish was made in the town of Quimper between 1947 and 1985. Value, $25.

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