Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A reader sent a picture of a "mystery" object from World War II to get a value. It was a picture of a bomb-like explosive device. It was even marked in Japanese. We wrote back and told him: "You should call your local fire or police department immediately and ask someone to come to your house to look at the 'mystery.' Old armaments can explode unexpectedly because the contents deteriorate and are unstable. We have heard many stories about collectors who are injured or houses that are set on fire by old souvenir hand grenades, bullets, and 'mysteries' like yours."

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Andy said...

Oh, c'mon now: we're all dying of curiosity to see the picture of that "mystery" object. Is there really any hazard in showing us the image that your reader sent you? After all, the image probably won't explode as long as no one here clicks on it. ;-)