Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Blenko Green Vase
The most popular Blenko glass colors, according to collectors, are Aqua, Charcoal, Gold, Lilac, Lime, Mulberry, Nile, Plum, and Rose. Blenko, located in Milton, West Virginia, announced it was closing early last year, but collectors bought so much of the inventory that Blenko had enough money to keep making glass pieces in small numbers.


joy said...

Hi, Love your newsletter.

Just wanted to let you know that Blenko is not closing, is still producing glass, and offers a large selection of hand blown sheet glass for glass artists.

By the way, the Rose Window in the National Cathedral is composed of Blenko Glass.

Thanks, Joy

Anonymous said...

Wow thought they had closed many years ago, always liked going to the factory to watch them work and buy new stuff.

Sharon said...

Toured Blenko last year. Enjoyed very much. Wish someone would publish an identification guide.