Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Barbie is back, more popular than ever, and is making money for Mattel. Collectors should be pleased. The new "Fashionista" line, featuring a smaller, bendable Barbie with lots of fashionable clothes and accessories, is one of the reasons. In addition, there was a shortage of Barbies at Christmas time, and Bratz dolls (Barbie's competitor) couldn't be sold in the United States because of a lawsuit. New young buyers of Barbie lead to older buyers of Barbie who have become collectors. If they ever stop making the doll, interest will gradually fade.


kimfair said...

I have Hallmark Holiday Barbies from approx. 13 = years ago. Any interest?

Anonymous said...

I have Hallmark Holiday Christmas Orniment Barbies from 1990 through 2010. Any Interest?

Anonymous said...

My husband & I used to love your program with your husband on HGTV on Friday nights. Thanks for keeping in touch with your ezine!

Re. the "Pickers" tv program:
After that last show, I've decided those 2 guys are male chauvinists. They were rude and condescending to Danielle (their assistant back in the office). Then these bullies tried to find her some cheap gift to make up for their obnoxious behavior. Also, I wondered why they included this relationship conflict. They need to stay focused on antiques & collectibles--and the history thereof.

Lois F. Morris
Silver Spring, MD

Anonymous said... said...

I have Barbies from 1986 to 1998 and if anyone would like to purchase them at a very fair price, please contact me.

Anonymous said...

I have three Barbies which includes the original black vinyl boxes & clothes dating back to the late 50's, early 60's. Any one interested, please make contact.

melsong56 said...

We have an impressive collection of hundreds of pristine (NIB) Barbies of every imaginable kind. These have been collected over many years and undoubtedly make up one of the largest privately held collections in the US.
They include Bob Mackie originals, limited editions, special series and everything in between that you can imagine. We are interested in selling the collection either as a whole or by individual items.
Only serious inquiries,please.

Anonymous said...

I have early Holiday Barbies, Hallmark Barbies and Bob Mackies Jewled collection plus others all of which have never been removed from box and have been carefully stored away. I have collected for a number of years and some were purchased from Mattel directly and are still in origional shipping box. Now that I am in my 70's I need to dispose of this collection.
Anyone interested?? Please contact me at

Anonymous said...

I have a barbie doll collection that i am presently going through and would like to sell as a whole set. There are over 100 dolls from the holiday collections back in the 80s, Bob Mackie, cases, etc. Please e-mail if you are interested at all for a list.