Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Chalmer’s Catawba Wine Bitters trade mark Sutters Old Mill, Spruance Stanley & Co., Proprietors
An antique bitters bottle embossed "Chalmers Catawba Wine Bitters trade mark Sutters Old Mill, Spruance Stanley & Co., Proprietors," sold at an American Bottle Auction for $19,600. It is a San Francisco bottle, bluish aqua with an applied top, made about 1872-73.


Anonymous said...

What is the deal with bitters bottles getting such high prices? Some elaboration please....

Anonymous said...

What are wine bitters? I have a 1-pt wine "pepsin" bottle from my basement in Oakland CA. The only embossing in the clear glas is on the back of the bottle, as follows:
3 xvi

The bottle has a paper label which states:
Net contents 1 pint
Wine Pepsin N. F.
Alcohol content 23 per cent
This is a nonbeverage article and if sold as a beverage the vender is laible to fine and imprisonment.
Coffin Reddington Co.
Wholesale Druggists
San Francisco

What is a pepsin, and how was it supposed to be used as a nonbeverage?

Anonymous said...

Where and when was the American bottle auction?

Doreen said...

I have a BITTERS BOTTLE, Lable reads BALL and CLAW
BITTERS , WORLDS BEST REMEDY. On the very bottom it reads, INDIN DRUG SPECIALTY COMPANY. On Bottom of the other sise it Reads, St.LOUIS and INDIANAPLOLIS. It looks VERY OLD, it has been painted, which can easily be removed. On the bottom it Reads WHEAT ON NJ, EDITION3. It also has an indent in middle of bottom. Can you what it was used for , how old & if it is worth Money.I would very much appreciate your help.
Thankyou Kovels,
I also have a picture.

Terry Kovel said...

American Bottle Auctions are online only. Just google the name and you will find it.

Wheaton bottles are all copies or fantasies made in the twentieth century.

Pepsin is an enzyme that helps digest food. Bitters are concoctions popular n the 19th century that claimed to be medicine. They are mixtures that include herbs and othersubstances that were thought to be an aid to good health

Margaret said...

I have a neat old bottle that has brought some laughs in my family. I found it out at the barn! Just a plain bottle but the label says; Baja California Damiana Bitters, the new wonderful & only certain APHRODISIAC. Winder & Shearrer, Sole Proprietors adn Manufacturers San Francisco, CAL. Then it says this is an authentic reproduction

Sandy's Fancy Pants Antiques and Collectibles said...

Maybe I should quit making fun of my Brother-in-law for collecting old bottles.

Mercy Matthews said...

I have a green glass bottle that says Dr Kilmer's Female Remedy Binghamton NY...we found it in an old house thought it was funny, but always wondered the original contents were!

Anonymous said...

I have a P.E. ILLER cabin bottle it is embossed with the following:
p.e.iller american life bitters manufacturer omaha neb. It is 'in found condition' and has not been professionally cleaned. It does not have any chips cracks or breaks in it. What can you tell me about this bottle? What is it's value? Please email me a Thank You!