Wednesday, February 10, 2010


George II-style red lacquered parcel gilt secretary
A George II-style red lacquered and parcel gilt secretary sold at a recent Leslie Hindman auction in Chicago. The estimated price was $6,000 to $8,000, but the piece sold for $207,400.


antiques_hunter said...

All this shows is that the auctioneer miss catalogued the piece. I strongly suspect that it is indeed period and not 'style'! In that case the price is not at all suprising, still it is one of the first laquer bookcases to have sold successfully at auction for a long time and gives us a guide going forward as to the current value of these iconic pieces.

I will keep an eye open for the reappearance of this piece on the retail market. I rather suspect we may see it in London in June at the new Masterpiece show!

Terry Kovel said...

The bookcase had belonged to a museum so if it was old, and I agree that at least two people were sure it was a period piece, it indicates that there are bargains to be had. Let us know if you spot it in a sale later this year.
Terry Kovel