Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Anonymous said...
I really appreciate Kovels Komments' efforts to keep readers alert to updated health warnings, but wish that Kovels Komments would check out warnings such as this before posting them to subscribers, and cite your sources rather than just saying "new health warnings." It would save subscribers from unfounded fear, as well as time spent trying to find the supportive evidence. This particular warning has been noted as an urban legend for several years.

Our response: We were fooled, like a lot of others. This is a hoax that started in 2002. It is safe to use one-time-use plastic containers that are sold filled with food. Dont use plastic storage bags or grocery bags. Plastic wrap can be used, but do not let any wrap touch the food when microwaving.

Lynne said...
My rule is: never subject any item to technology that hadn't yet been invented when it was made. Any potential health risk aside, 1930's refrigerator [wares] are so much cooler than plastic containers!


The record-setting $104,327,006 Giacometti sculpture is 72 inches tall.
The "Mystery Mark" Watson wedding spoon had a mark with an H in a pennant. A reader explained that the H stands for Homan, a New York company whose trademark was bought by Watson.


Darcy said...

For our wedding 45 years ago we cut our cake with a bake-o-lite handled knife my parents used and passed on to us. When our daughter was married I assumed we would carry on the tradition and pass the knife along to her, however she and her husband-to-be decided to have a cobbler for their wedding brunch. We purchased an antique silver serving spoon and had it engraved for them, so they now have a serving spoon with "history". Traditions are worth preserving.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry!
Regarding "Urban Legends" emails, there is a marvelous resource, totally FREE, at which I have used for about 8 years that can either verify a suspect email or debunk it. It's easy to use and I NEVER pass an email along without checking it with I wish everbody did! Try it, you'll love it! The people running it have been on TV, and in the Readers Digest, among others. Even if an email says it was already checked thru snopes, it may still be fraudulent as people will put that on an email to stop others from checking it! Check out their site, it's easy to use, and a wonderful tool.
Regards, Lilaclynx(Columbus Ohio)

Anonymous said...

I really like the new blogs on your site. They are very informative and worth reading. Added special bonus.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the use of old glass refrigerator dishes in the microwave. I used a glass casserole dish which had been my mother's(about 40 years old) in my microwave. It was in perfect condition. When I removed it from the mocrowave, it broke apart, sending hot food down my arm and slashing my arm with the broken glass. I would be VERY careful using old glass in the mocrowave.

regina said...

Homan also made pewter and his partner was Flagg. Maybe the mark is Homan and Flagg.