Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Porsgrund Porcelain FactoryQ: I would like to know the maker of this napkin ring marked "erindring fra Norge" and with an anchor with the letter "P" on either side of it.

A: This anchor mark was used by Porsgrund Porcelain Factory of Porsgrunn, Norway. The company was established in 1885 by Johan Jeremiasse and the first porcelain was made at the factory in 1887. Porsgrund is now part of CG Holding Company and makes industrial and household porcelain, as well as porcelain for the Norwegian Royal family. Variations of this mark were used from 1887-1937 and from 1948-1954. After 1954 it had the words "Porsgrund Norway" around it. The words "erindring fra Norge" on your napkin ring are Norwegian for "Memory from Norway," so your napkin ring was probably a souvenir from a trip to Norway.

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donna said...

I have an iced tea or lemonade glass with a handle and geisha girl etched on it. I was told it was a joseph locke art piece. but I cant find his mark.