Wednesday, March 4, 2009


ChairsWinning the lottery is every collector's dream--a chance to buy whatever you always wanted. But a lottery winner in Indianapolis spent so much that the family couldn't pay the bills. So the contents of the house had to be sold in a huge liquidation sale ordered by the court. It took 25 people and four semi trucks to cart all the furniture and bric-a-brac to the auction house. They sold it using three auction rings all day. And of course many antiques dealers and collectors came to bid.

Included in the sale were hundreds of teapots, sets of dishes, 50 salt and pepper sets, bobble heads, glassware tables filled with over-sized Asian vases, two dozen china cabinets, church figures, large and small foo dogs, large carved furniture, many dining room and bedroom sets, and several huge gold Buddha statues. Many of the pieces were duplicates. We noticed they had a Berkey and Gay painted china cabinet, Drexel dressers, Baccarat, Fenton glass, Bohemian glass, Carnival glass, Lenox, Lladro, Franciscan, Royal Doulton, Nippon, Spode, Noritake, Limoges, McCoy, Royal Worcester and Royal Vienna pieces. There were also fifteen or more outdoor statues and fountains, and patio furniture.

The online bloggers couldn't believe it all came from one family. But one blogger claimed to know the family and to have been in their house. At least they bought antiques and collectibles instead of shoes. They enjoyed their purchases, recycled goods, and helped the economy.


Kenneth said...

Did you not see one old 1930-40 radios. O I would love to go loook as I have been in furniture since 1988.I would be so happy to go and look for my dream.
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Curious in Ohio said...

What's the end of the story? Just because Paul Harvey recently passed away (God rest his soul) doesn't mean we don't want the rest of the story. How much did they get for all of the stuff?
Curious in Ohio :-)

Stephanie said...

No kidding! With the right kind of antiques, they could have hit the lottery all over again! Wonder how much they brought in. Did they downsize their house? WHAT HAPPENED?