Wednesday, March 4, 2009


From our readers comments on last weeks Kovels Komments:

J.R. wrote: I collect bicycles. I'm 99% certain that the button shown in the newsletter is an ad for Arnold, Schwinn, and Co.'s "The World" bicycle. The model name was used from 1896 on.

A.M. wrote about the British registry mark mentioned in the discussion of the Clementson Bros. plate. One little word can make a big difference. We wrote that the mark told when the dish was made--but it actually indicates only when the design was registered. It takes time after the registration to actually make a plate. The mark indicates the earliest possible date of manufacture. We got it right in all our books, but slipped up this time. This is a mistake that was common in books written 40 years ago.

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mainer said...

I've used the straw method of keeping chains untangled for several years. It works great, but I'm afraid you left one step out. You can't put the whole strand inside one straw (A. It won't stay there if it has a small clasp and B. it can still tangle.) Either put half the chain in one straw and half in another or leave one half outside of the straw. In either case, of course you'll fasten the clasp. This is especially helpful when traveling with several pieces of jewelry.