Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We were just sent a newspaper article from Warsaw, Poland--part of the amazing way information travels on the Internet. The news had spread across Europe that the president of France collects stamps. The article said bloggers wondered why President Nicolas Sarkozy would be "practicing a pastime that is usually the domain of prepubescent boys." But others posting comments online knew that collecting is a good investment strategy. The article also said that the Polish art market has dropped a little but that "the long term profit--both emotional and financial--which comes from art is the best assurance that the art market will be OK."


Anonymous said...

prepubescent boys??????? Stamp collecting is a horizon-expanding hobby worthy of anyone at any age. As a child, it put me way ahead of my classmates in history, geography, natural sciences, etc.. As an adult, my collection has increased significantly in value and continues to be a learning experience.

acharrell said...

aPre-pubescent boys???? Most of the stamp collectors I know who are really serious about it are in their 60s!

mensa63 said...

Before his untimely death in August 2007 I was a close friend of James Mackay of Glasgow, Scotland. Jim began collecting stamps at the age of 6 and at the time of his passing he was acknowledged as having the world's largest collection held by an individual. His knowledge of philately was phenomenal and he made a lifetime career of writing about stamps. At the time of his death he wrote for 5 magazines and his last book on the aubject The Encyclopedia of Stamps for Anness Publishing was on its third printing in less than 2 years. So don't put down "stamp collecting" as a fun thing for prepubescent boys. it is for big boys also especially ones who have the funds to enjoy it. Stamp auctions are a fun place to go even if you don't buy.