Thursday, March 19, 2009


Brimaur pitcher Q: I have a little pitcher or creamer that is incised on the bottom "brimaur farm pottery n.y." I can't find any info on it online or in any pottery books.

A: Your little Brimaur pitcher is probably a maple syrup pitcher. We found a 1954 gift-shop ad for Brimaur ceramics, but the company's history remains a mystery. Brimaur syrup pitchers or creamers sell for under $15 today. Some of the pottery was marked "Elizabethtown, N.Y." Does anyone have more information about this pottery?

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Ben Riley said...

Marilyn Cross, in her 2005 book, Whispering Mountains: A History of Lewis, New York, mentions Brimaur Pottery on page 22. She writes, "The 1940s brought Bruce and Vivian Peters with Brimaur Pottery to Lewis. Lewis was not the best area for this beautiful work and they had to drop their plans and move to another area."