Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Taking care of paper antiques

Do not store newsprint with other paper antiques. The high-acid paper used for newsprint can discolor or even destroy other paper documents. Even if the newsprint does not touch the other paper, acid is carried through the air and your paper antiques will suffer.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for newspaper and some
ceramic antiques also. Especially ones like bisque that are apt to pick up the newsprint easy.(Kind of
like silly-putty did when we were kids.) Once it gets on the surface it does not always come off!

Anonymous said...

This business about the acid content of newspaper is interesting to me. Each summer-end I pack up about 100 century old ceramics and put them away until my next summer visit. Should I be worried that I pack them in old newsprint? Would there be a better cheap alternative? I'd like to hear about this. Valerie Herr, Cambridge Uk andd Berkeley, Cal

SUZZANNE said...

I have a set of World's Fair Glasses in the original box that has never been opened. I have only found one source, the item was sold and the price wasn't avaliable. I have not been able to find anything to help me with the value. Any one out there?

Anonymous said...

When I have a newspaper I want to save I "recyle" by using old pillowcases I've found a sales.

I slip the newspaper inside, fold over and put somewhere out of the light and heat.

Hope I'm doing the right thing, but so far even the ones from 20 years ago look OK.