Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Fraud in the Antiques Industry

The PMSA (Professional Show Manager's Association) is fighting fraud in the antiques industry. They are giving away bookmarks that remind buyers to ask the dealer, "How long have you been in business?" "Will you give me a written guarantee that the item is authentic?" "What is your return policy?" And other questions. It also suggests that for more information visit (Federal Trade Commission site) and click on Consumer Information.


Joane said...

I applaud this initiative. IMHO every honest dealer will be glad to see it happening. I was once in an antique shop looking at a Lalique perfume bottle in a model that had been in production for many decades. The owner claimed it was a vintage one and I asked her how she could tell it was vintage and not new. She got very insulted and said "because I said so" and I politely took my leave. I felt she should have explained how she knew it was authentic.

Joan of Art said...

OH man, this is wonderful. I myself as a seller have been accused of fraud yet can provide provinence and appraisal from a top rated silver smith. It is time for PROOF!

LINDA said...

HI I am a full time antique dealer. My husband and i do shows every month. We can walk any show floor and find reproduction items all over and dealers are tring to sell as old. This hurts our business, customers get a bad deal and they don't trust anyone! my comment is that the PMSA or show promotors need to police their show floors better, they should take a big part in pulling the reproductions off the floor. They need to stand behind the policy of "ANTIUQE", not antique style or vintage style. But real old antiques. We stand behind our items and love our JOB! I agree with joane...if a dealer gets mad if you ask them a question, say thank you and leave the booth! Thank you for your time!
Linda in PA.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought a heretofore unknown "cries of London" pattern ginger jar by adams at the Goodwill. I know it's a reproduction from the original company--any other info would be great.