Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Collecting--A Global Phenomenon

Collecting is indeed worldwide. We just read in a newspaper based in India that a fishing creel was sold in England by Bonhams for a record price of about $26,695. We may be a little off on the price because we had trouble converting it from lakh (100,000 rupees) to dollars. The 19th-century pot-bellied creel was made of stitched leather. It had a brass hinged lid of embossed leather. There were five brass plaques on it dated 1890 to 1894 with information about trout and grayling caught during those years. It also had a brass plaque engraved "W. Randell, Aysgarth, Yorkshire." William Randell (1855-1901) was the original owner of the creel. The seller bought it in 1951 for a little over $2 at a summer fair with money he won for collecting the most "cabbage white" butterflies. Since cabbage whites lay eggs that turn into destructible cabbage worms, he did himself and the environment a good deed.

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I enjoyed the article on the fishing creel from India. To help you with the conversion I have done it for you. The 100,000 rupees equals $2,365.18 exactly. The current conversion as of July 30th, 2008 is $0.023651 to 1 rupee.
If you ever need help in any currency conversion please contact me and I will do it for you.
Thanks again for a great story.
Dale B Curtis