Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Q: My husband has a Buck Rogers Disintegrator XZ-38 gun that he received as a child in the late 1930s. Can you tell us how much it's worth?

A: The Buck Rogers 25th Century Disintegrator Pistol, Model XZ-38 was made in 1935 by Daisy Manufacturing Company of Plymouth, Michigan. It was available with either a nickel finish or a copper finish, like yours. The gun was sold in stores and was also given away as a Cream of Wheat premium in 1935 and a Popsicle premium in 1939. Its advertised features include a sub-atomic condenser, electronic compression viewplate, an electronic compression chamber with cooling ribs, and an impulse generator cell. In other words, it has a flint tube at the top that flashes and sparks and makes a loud popping noise.

With its original box, The Buck Rogers Disintegrator sells for anywhere between $540 and $1700, depending on the conditions of the gun and the box. The gun alone sells for $150 to $400.


Anonymous said...

Back in the early 1960's,I bought an antique "Arrowback Potty Chair".

It's adorable. It has the plank seat.

It's never been re-finished or painted, so is quite "rustic' looking.

I've had a Teddy Bear sitting in it for years and years. No-one seems to know what it's worth. Can you help me out?

suzanne said...

I have had a set of Worlds Fair glasses which are still in the sealed box (never opened). The box is in great condition. I have not been able to find a source anywhere which helps me out with their worth. Can some you help me with this?

Anonymous said...

Which World's Fair. Can't determine value without knowing the age and event.