Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is the 100th edition of Kovels Komments. Our very first Komments reported on "everybody's dream." A $15 piece of glass from a thrift store sold at a Green Valley auction in Virginia for $22,000. It was a Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. Tulip vase in dark cobalt blue with white striations.

Since then we have continued to report the news with an eye to how it affects the world of antique collecting. There have been strange stories: an elbow through a multimillion-dollar painting (Oct. 19, 2006), the discovery of more dodo bird bones (June 7, 2007), record prices for the Honus Wagner baseball card as it went up and up to $2.8 million (Jan. 3, 2008), how an empty paper box added $40,000 to the value of a pistol (Jan. 10, 2008), and the paintings of saints purchased for $500 that sold for $3.4 million (April 26, 2007).

We have also identified 100 marks, answered 100 Collectors Concerns questions, and given 100 tips. Best of all, everything we've written is all still "out there" in our free ezine archives for you to read (look under "Free Resources" on our Kovels.com homepage). We are adding more features to our website all the time. Have you visited our blog at kovels.blogspot.com? And don't miss the "Directory" that lists information like matching services, appraisers, people who refinish furniture, and where to get old nails. Our "Store" is filling up with useful leaflets and special reports on subjects like costume jewelry, record prices, and how to be sure you do the right things before, during, and after a natural disaster to protect your collection.

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happy subscriber said...

Congrats, I want to thank you for a recent hint. I have been collecting forever, dealing for just one year in an antiques mall. I was dragged around as a child by both parents and grandparents to sales, fleas, yard sales, etc. ANYWAY, your recent Kovels Komment told us to look for knives, so I looked what was selling on ebay and because of your hints I bought a vintage CASE knife at a yard sale for one dollar. I sold it last weekend for $35. Not bad! I would not have bought it unless I saw your hint. I won't break the bank but it is a start and it paid for my subscription to your newsletter. Keep the hints coming, thanks.