Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yankee StadiumParts of the old Yankee Stadium are being sold and will continue to be sold for about another year and a half. According to Forbes.com, Steiner Sports, which is handling the sale, will spend millions to remove the parts from the stadium undamaged. The first $11.5 million in sales goes to New York City. Most of the stadium's important items will be sold via competitive bidding, but you can still buy some grass from the field--freeze-dried in a display case--for a set price of $100. The turnstile pictured here sold for $6,785.


Anonymous said...

I have two seats from the first Yankee stadium that are dated 1923. Do you have any idea what these would be worth?

Gert said...

Where do you display a turnstyle to show friends? Joking. It is like the fact that I have a "huge" pair of autographed shoes that a current well known NBA player wore but they just don't look good in with my antiques!!