Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We got this tip at the International Nippon Collectors Convention last week. If you want to clean Nippon or any ceramic that seems dusty and stained, especially if it has raised decorations (moriage) or grooves, don't scrub it. Put the vase in a deep tub. Cover it completely with distilled water and let it soak. It may take a long time, perhaps a month. Be sure the water is always covering the piece. Dirt will eventually soak out. If the water becomes dark, change it. It should be clear at all times.

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Sharon Perry said...

I have a painting with the title and country written on the back of the frame. It is "Paris Boulevard", Belgium and the artist signature is De Zwart. The painting was in my grandmothers house and I've always loved it. I am wondering what the value of the painting is and if it should be insured? I believe it was purchased by her brother as he traveled the world and brought her gifts. I believe it was given to her in the 1920's.