Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Archie Comics started 67 years ago with issue No. 1, featuring Archie, Veronica the rich girl, and Betty the girl-next-door. In Archie Comics No. 600, out now, Archie has decided to propose to Veronica (the scene takes place "in the future"). One indignant Betty fan is cashing out. Dave Luebke, owner of a comic book store in Richmond, Va., sold his copy of Archie Comics No. 1 last week. It auctioned for $38,837 at Heritage Galleries in Dallas. The buyer is a longtime Archie fan from Virginia. Some cynical comics collectors wonder if money more than disappointment led to the sale. And some sentimental Archie fans still think that somehow Archie will eventually end up marrying Betty.


Anonymous said...

Veronica will never be happy with Archie. He better stick with Betty!

Jessica said...

I have 3 mint condition Archie Comics that I would be interested in finding out on how much they are worth and how to find interested buyers.

Anonymous said...

It's make believe people - get a life!