Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Barberton OhioWe track down rumors in the world of antiques every month. A few weeks ago we heard that a 4 1/2-inch stoneware bank, made in Ohio early in the twentieth century, was bought on eBay for $500, then sold at a regular auction for $40,000. Wrong. Garth's Auctions sold the eBay stoneware bank for $5,875. Still not a bad profit. The bank had a cobalt blue "folksy" design of flowers and a bird and "Barberton Ohio" in the inscription, all price increasing features. Rumors often have a grain of truth that is exaggerated. Watch out also for suspicious provenance. Here are two popular claims being used right now: a container, a simple covered box or bowl, is advertised as a cocaine or an opium jar; an ordinary item, usually a tool or a quilt, is described as having been made by a slave. Neither is very likely. Don't be fooled into bidding extra because of the story.


AuctionWally said...

Great points made here. Verbal provenance is virtually worthless.

To add value to an item, Historical items should have verifiable documentation.

movie-posters said...

We always provide a Lifetime Gaurantee of Authenticity. Dealers , if they know what they are doing, should never be affraid of unconditional guarantees.

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Anonymous said...

Often on eBay a bottle will be listed as a "poison bottle." When questioned, the seller will usually state that it "could have held a poison, it's so old that I don't know what was in it." BEWARE! Poison bottles are generally recognizable as such.