Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Edgeworth pipe tobaccoQ: I found this figure many years ago when we cleaned out my father's house after he died. The figure is 12 inches tall and the only mark on it is the word "Father" painted on the base. Is it worth anything or is it just a dust collector?

A: This figure was an advertisement for Edgeworth pipe tobacco, a company in business from 1877 to 1874. Your figure was made c.1930 and was probably based on Jiggs, the father in "Bringing Up Father," a comic strip that ran in newspapers from 1913 to 2000. Jiggs was an Irish-American bricklayer who became rich when he won the sweepstakes. He preferred his old friends and the local tavern to socializing with the wealthy. His wife, Maggie, wanted to be part of high society and continually tried to "bring him up." Your figure may have been repainted and the facial features "touched up." The figure usually has a cigar in his mouth, wears white spats and a white vest, and has the words "I Smoke Edgeworth Tobacco" printed on the front of his shirt. The original figure, complete with cigar and wording, would be worth $300 if not repainted.


john said...

If this company was in business until 1874, why was the advertising piece made in 1930 ???

Anonymous said...

I guess you mean they were in business until 1974.