Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The weather was perfect this weekend, so I went to a large and well-known Ohio flea market. The good news--and we've heard similar reports from around the country--was that dealers were selling lots of merchandise. They weren't getting the high prices they got a couple of years ago, but they're buying for less so they're making a profitand collectors are happy. I bought a two-story birdhouse with shutters and a "brick" chimney for a bargain $13. But can anyone explain why at least six dealers told me they finally sold a set of dark green glassware they had been unable to sell at many previous shows? Is green this year's favorite color--perhaps a nod to the "green" environmental movement?


Dee said...

You wrote:
>>Is green this year's favorite
>>color--perhaps a nod to the
>>"green" environmental movement?

Maybe because it's reminiscent of the 'Depression Green' household items that were available in the 30s & 40s.

Anonymous said...

Please consider telling us the name and location of flea markets you visit! I would love to stop at some of these markets when I travel. Thanks!

Tamara said...

Green is being heavily used by decorator's right now. Could be the environmental influence.More than likely, it could be that Martha Stewarts' Omni Media is using green uber-heavily in their magazines and websites. Never underestimate the power of the media and celebrities.