Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sampson Bridgwood and Son
Q: Can you tell me the something about the maker and age of my dish? It has this anchor mark on the bottom.

A: Your dish was made by Sampson Bridgwood and Son, which was established in Longton, Staffordshire, England, in 1805. The pottery made earthenware and porcelain. Bridgwood began operating Anchor Pottery in Longton in 1853. Porcelain was not made after 1877. Several different anchor marks were used. Sampson Bridgwood is now part of Churchill China, which makes tableware for restaurants and catering businesses. Your mark is similar to a mark Sampson Bridgwood used in the 1950s. "Ye Olde Indian Tree" is the pattern name. Indian Tree was a popular china pattern made by several manufacturers in the nineteenth century. Value for a dinner plate, under $30.

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sarah said...

My father gave me a chamber pot that belonged to his grandmother.

It is all white with nice detail around the handle. It's 9" in diameter and 5 1/2" in depth.

The stamp on the bottom has a "crest" the words around it read: Porcelaine Opaque (Over the crest) and Bridgwood & Son. (Under the crest). Can you give me an idea how old it might be and what it might be worth?