Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We like this dealer's idea. He is "repurposing antiques" by making antique architectural pieces into lamps. There is a lot of repurposing going on now at flea markets. A unique garden stake was priced $15 at a show. It was a long copper pipe, topped by a cup and saucer held together by epoxy.


nance said...

Repurposing antiques may be fine as long as a rare or valuable antique isn't ruined in the process. Before I'd drill a piece to make a lamp or other useful item, I'd confirm that the antique is commonplace and of no value.

Anonymous said...

The garden stake you comment on is actually a bird feeder. It was a craft segment on repurposing on HGTV not that long ago.

Anonymous said...

I inherited a Royal Worcester vase, an Amphora vase, and a cut glass pitcher that have all been ruined by someone drilling a hole in the bottom to make them into lamps, a "fashionable" idea some decades back. What a shame. While they are attractive as lamps, their value as collector's items or antiques is near zero. Where does one draw the line? Should I use my 15th century Gregorian chants as wrapping paper?

AuctionWally said...

I think this is a great way to get new interest into antiques collecting.

But I agree with Nance, respect and consideration are to be used if value is to be preserved.

I especially love it when damaged antiques are re-purposed.