Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Portrait of President Woodrow Wilson
Q: Can you tell me anything about this ceramic portrait of President Woodrow Wilson? It is 6 x 9 x 3/8 in. On the back it says "Portrait of President Woodrow Wilson, Geo. Cartlidge, Sculpt, 1916, Made by J.H. Barratt & Co. Ltd., Stoke on Trent, England."

A: You have a photographic tile of President Wilson sculpted by George Cartlidge, a designer who worked in England from 1882 to c.1926 and later in the United States. He made photographic tiles of Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, and other famous people. Cartlidge invented a method of reproducing a photograph on a ceramic tile. His early works were done using a plaster mold, but the exact process used to make these photographic tiles is not known. They may have been made by the "dust pressing" method commonly used by J.H. Barratt & Co. A "dry" mixture of clay and other ingredients was pressed into a mold. Your photographic tile is worth $150 to $250.


Anonymous said...

I have an old coke machine chest type and would like to know where to find info about it and who may be interested in it, It still works and has been in our posession forever.

Anonymous said...

I have a pyrex baby bottle from the 1940's. Just checking to see if it is worth anything.