Wednesday, April 21, 2010


CoxTools are popular with a special group of collectors. At a recent auction by Brown Auction Services of Mystic, Connecticut, a pair of woodworking planes by C.E. Chelor sold for $8,250 and a Greenfield sash plane for $7,480. It takes an expert to know the tool market. Many families find tools and tool chests when a relative dies. Don't assume the tools and chest are not valuable.


Anonymous said...

My wifes Grandfather was an old Dutch carpenter and we found quite a few of these planes and other wooden tools in her Mom's attic.
Who might be able to tell whether these great old tools have any real value?

Anonymous said...

I have a whole bunch of pipe and monkey wrenches, old bicycle wrenches and the like. Some have twisted handles and say Trimo or Ford.

How do I find an expert who can help me value or sell these?

Margaret said...

I am one of those who has recently inherited my Granddad's tools. The transit and a couple of others I would like to have evaluated for insurance sake. Who do you recommend?

Janet said...

I have all of my great grandfather's woodworking tools. He was born in the late 1800s. How can one tell if they are Chelor or Greenfield...are they marked? Also, who would you recommend to value them? Thanks