Wednesday, April 21, 2010


CoxQ: I have a Cox Cargo Crane, Dock & Train set in the original box. The train was set up once to see how it worked, taken down, and put back in the box and never played with. I'd like to sell the set but have no idea of its value. Can you help?

A: Cox made HO-scale train sets and accessories in the 1970s. Your train set was made by Cox in 1976 and 1977. It is one of two HO-scale "trainscapes" sold by Cox. Trains and accessories were made for Cox by Athearn Trains of California from 1971 until 1975, when production shifted to Hong Kong. The last Cox catalog was issued in 1977. The complete train set includes the locomotive, train cars, track, crane, truck and trailer, containers, and other accessories. Pieces could be bought separately, but the complete set like yours might sell today for $100-$150.

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