Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Shirley TempleR.B., a reader, emailed to ask if removing the cereal from the Rice Krispies box we mentioned last week affects the value. It is important to remove any edible food stuff from any package you want to save. Insect eggs in grain products will eventually hatch, and tiny worms, then moths, will eat through the package. Outside insects and rodents will try to eat into the box, too. Carefully pry open the bottom of the box, remove the contents, then use a dab of paste to reseal the bottom. An undamaged box is worth just as much full or empty.


jack said...

Deleted you post regarding the rice krispies box last week. Could you refresh the artical for me?

caspin said...

I am wondering if the cocoa Krispies with The immunity on the front is collectible too.

Phil said...

Here's a tip on how to open the box correctly: Run a hair dryer over the flaps that you are going to open for a minute or two. This will soften the glue and make opening easy with a kitchen knife. Many collectors get upset if the paper from one flap is even pulled onto the glue. Another point when looking for boxes, watch for corner creases on the box, caused from overstacking cases. Collectors don't want those half inch creases at the corners of their boxes either.

Anonymous said...

What about the Pepsi with the yellow banner that says Throwback? Will it be less collectable if the pepsi is drank? thanks Barb