Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse CoQ: I inherited a set of copper pots about 1950 from a friend of my mother's who had a restaurant in New York City. I estimate them to be at least 100 years old. The large kettle and fry pan have this DH & M mark on the bottom. Can you tell me who made them and how old they are?

A: This D.H. & M. Co. mark was used by Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse Co., manufacturers of stoves and other equipment for restaurants, hotels, steamships, and homes. The company was founded in 1852 in New York City and had branches in Boston and Chicago. Elie Moneuse and L. Duparquet registered patents for tin-lined copper coffeepots in 1869. Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse Co. went bankrupt in 1936. Their Wooster Street address has been converted to loft condos in the fashionable Soho district of New York. Your pots would sell for about the same as any new quality pot.

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Yankee in Paradise said...

Copper is at an all time HIGH! These pots are worth considerably more than then were worth new, are you kidding. The local William Sonoma are finding them actually STOLEN off their shelves! The price of copper is so high, rolls of it are being stolen off construction sites everywhere. It is out of sight. Better check out the facts on this one......