Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Legit KMP Mark
I spotted a lot of fake KPM plaques at the Miami Beach show. Someone is decorating plain old plaques with KPM-type portraits, then adding an incised KPM mark with a cutter.


Anonymous said...

What do you personally do when you run into this situation?

Terry Kovel said...

I am usually not recognized so I politely say something like "This seems to be of poor quality compared to the KPM pieces I have seen. Is it a late one? Does it seem right to you? I have heard there are some fakes being made." Most dealers ask why I think it is wrong and often will ask some other dealers nearby. They often put it away for the rest of that show. I rarely meet a dealer that deliberately sells fakes at that price level.
I am now trying to find someone who knows where these fakes come from. Anyone help?

Short Sale of Real Estate said...

Please tell us how to recognize fake marks. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Is there a price guide for KPM transfer plaques, with hand painted detailing made in the 20th century?