Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Shirley TempleTwo future collectibles are at your store now. The Kelloggs cereal boxes with a banner saying Immunity on the front of the box have been recalled. The government thought it did not support immunity so new boxes were made. Look for Cocoa Krispies and Rice Krispies. A few are still on grocery shelves. Also look for the Pepsi Throwback bottles with the yellow throwback banner. They are new, and being sold in limited markets. The content is made with real sugar, not the high fructose corn syrup used in the regular Pepsi now being sold. It was first tested in April, 2009 in a bottle with a blue label or a red, white and blue label with a circle as the center design. Dr Pepper is also trying a new formula using real sugar but so far we haven’t seen any of the new cans in our store. They are marked, “Made with Real Sugar”.

Chinese made children’s jewelry is barred from the U.S. again. This time it is because they used cadmium as the metal. It is dangerous, especially for children. Be sure you have not kept any of the last recalled Chinese jewelry that was made with lead paint. All of this will be rare in the future but hopefully never a popular collectible.

The Waterford Crystal factory building in Ireland is for sale. The glass making machinery is already gone. The brand and assets now belong to an American equity firm. Waterford started in Ireland in 1783.


Anonymous said...

i just went to my local grocery store and found the Rice Krispies and Cocoa Krispies with the "immunity" across the front. I bought all they had. Sure hope it pays off. I am wondering if they will be more valuable sealed with the cereal intact, or can I eat the cereal and would the empty box be just as valuable?

Trish said...

Dr. Pepper was originally made with sugar. They started using fructose corn syrup maybe in the
80's. But the Dr. Pepper plant in Dublin,Tx has always made the original DP with sugar. Its just that you couldn't get it unless you went to Dublin, or visited the Dr. Pepper museum here in Waco,Tx. Recently they started shipping the "real" DP (made with Imperial sugar) in and around Tx. And it has,Imperial Sugar, stamped on it, so you know it's made with the sugar. I don't know if they will ship it outside of Tx.
I used to drink it in the
70s before they changed it. I never drank a DP again until I was able to get the "real" DP. It's a little more expensive but worth it! Hope I was able to answer any questions anyone had!

Nancy said...

Such a shame about the Waterford factory. Visited it in 2005. Some of the nicest people... The patience of the artisans when answering the many questions of this American tourist was amazing. I understand some of the families had been employed at the factory since its beginning...

Anonymous said...

You mentioned the new Pepsi Throwback bottles were available at certain locations. The only bottles I could find were made of plastic not glass. Are they available in glass? If so ,where?

Harry said...

Is the Pepsi Throwback worth more if you don't drink the pepsi. Harry