Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wooden boxQ: I have a wooden box that my mother said was a Norwegian lunch box. Have you ever seen anything like this and do you know anything about it?

A: Painted boxes like this were made in Scandinavian countries. The two pieces that stick up on either side of your box are called lid latches and help hold the lid in place. Your box is probably a Norwegian picnic box or a bride's box. A Norwegian picnic box was price $495 at a recent show.


Nancy Helgesen Lyons said...

The Norwegian name for this type of box is "tine". Often they are decorated with rosmaling (painted flowers) or with carving.

Erik Storm Enersen said...

Read no more. Nancy Helgesen is right.

Roderick said...

I believe this is Swedish rather than Norwegian and probably (based on the colour) from the province of Jämtland. As Nancy notes in her earlier comment, Norwegian boxes tend to be much more ornately decorated with flowers, or even mottos. Here in Sweden such a box is known as a "Svepask", literally "wrap-box" referring to how the wood used is curved and overlapped like wrapping paper.

Anonymous said...

Tine is pronounced TEE-Na.

Anonymous said...

I have one that is not painted,just the natural wood.
Does any one know what kind of wood it might be?
And does tjis increase the value or lower it?