Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sevres mark Q: I collect covered soap dishes and think I might have gotten something special. The dish is white and has this blue mark on the bottom. From what I can find in "Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks," I think it might be Sevres. Do you think it is Sevres?

A: The mark on your dish looks like the inside of a Sevres mark used from 1834 to 1845. The Sevres mark had the crown, the monogram and the name of the pottery enclosed in a double circle. Many potteries used marks that looked like Sevres or other well-known pottery marks in the hope that people would think they had a more expensive piece. Pottery imported into the United States had to be marked with the country of origin after the passage of the McKinley Tariff Act in 1891. Your soap dish was probably made before 1915. Does anyone recognize this mark?

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I have an old book of China and Pottery Marks by Gilman Collamore & Co., Inc. copyrighted 1920. Page 35 has a mark shown like the one shown on Kovels and it is listed as Sevres, Louis Philippe 1834 - 1835. Hope this helps.