Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Store old phonograph records on edge, straight up and in their sleeves.


Anonymous said...

Are you talking about 33 rpm vinyl records or the earlier 78 rpm? or all records, whatever the material?
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dmg said...

Any type record should be stored straight up, be it shellac (78rpm) or 45s or LPs. However, if your record is rather valuable and has a picture cover (LP or 45 or EP), you should NOT store it in its sleeve. You should buy a plain paper sleeve for the disc, and get a plastic cover to put the record in a plain paper sleeve in with the picture cover. There are a lot of archival supplies out there for phonograph records. Another tip: If you can store your records (especially 78s and 45s) in a metal file cabinet standing up, that is the best place for them.