Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Did you know that caskets that are damaged or imperfect in other ways cannot be sold in California? A new company, Coffin Couches, recycles unused but imperfect caskets by transforming them into couches. They're probably very popular with vampires.


janimal4 said...

I sold on ebay for over ten years almost since its inception. I also was rather successful at it with a 100% feedback. I no longer sell on ebay because of their asinine policies. They do not protect the sellers from bad buyers and they won't allow the sellers to alert their fellow sellers against these type of buyers. That is just wrong, buyers can say what they want in the feedback forum but sellers are not allowed the same privilege. So this new policy of theirs doesn't suprise me.

Anonymous said...

I worked with a guy who collected antique coffins. I always wondered where he got them. Most dated to the 19th century. They were from children to adult size. Some had a window


JoAnn said...

Forgive the pun, but clearly these are people (the makers) who think out of the "box".

Anonymous said...

Yes, caskets that don't meet strict standards are difficult to purchase. Years ago my brother (a biker) went to a casket manufacturer in North Carolina hoping to buy a "reject casket". After explaining what he planned to use it for, the company sold it to him.

He used it for years as a TRAILER for his motorcycle -- a BMW no less. Gave it a paint scheme that matched the bike. He had articles and photos posted in the NASA times and motorcycle mags.

I, too, used it for halloween. Dracula served the candy from it! Kids, parents, and grandparents loved it!!!