Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Warnings for Beer Collectors

Beer can collectors be warned. Original-formula Schlitz beer is back--but only in bottles. Schlitz sold in cans after the mid 1950s is a generally unpopular beer made from a revised formula that shortened the fermenting process and added a seaweed extract to make more foam. The original Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee closed by 1981, and the brand was sold. It now belongs to Pabst, and researchers there decided to go back to the original formula. You can drink the old-but-new beer from bottles in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago and western Florida. Schlitz in cans is not the revised formula.


Anonymous said...

My father received a watch from the Schlitz company, for being a top salesman. The time period was 1949-1953. The watch has the name Schlitz on the face of the watch. Would you be able to tell me the value of said watch. It is staying in the family, but we would like to know for our insurance, the value.

My father worked in the Bay Area of California at the time.
Thank you for any help you might provide.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather worked at Schlitz Brewery in Miami. I know the years were after WWII. He always told us the employees all spit in the beer! Ah, the good old days!