Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Gem Safety Razor

Q: I need information on a Gem Safety Razor. It has all its pieces and comes in a cylindrical tin with a man holding a razor that says, "Be your own barber."

A: In 1898 Jerry Reichard started the Gem Cutlery Co. in New York and patented the company's first product, the Gem Safety Razor. The razor was so successful that the company changed its name to the Gem Safety Razor Co. in 1900. The company merged with Star and Ever-Ready to become the American Safety Razor Corp. in 1919. Gem razor tins featured a smiling man with his face lathered up who is ready to shave with the razor in his raised right hand. Unlike your tin, most Gem tins were rectangular and hinged and had the man's image on the back and the company name and slogan on the front. Your round tin is rare and probably early. With the tin and complete set, your razor could sell for $300 or more.

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