Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Moorcroft Pottery

Moorcroft pottery is often sold at Waddington auction sales in Toronto, so we were pleased to hear from Bill Klime, Waddington's Decorative Arts expert.

He emailed: "The extraordinary Moorcroft Spanish pattern vase (big enough to function as an umbrella stand) featured in Komments August 13... That vase, assuming it's 16-18 inches or so high and in good condition, is worth more like $15,000 at auction these days, even more than that if it's bigger."

Spanish is among the most desirable of Moorcroft's designs and that one looks to be especially well decorated. We have noticed that Moorcroft sells very well in Canada and England, but didn't realize Spanish pattern had gained in value that much in recent years. It just proves that the international market is important and the highest prices may be found far from home.


momof8 said...

I'm hoping the woman who wrote you reads your column regularly and goes to her Aunt's to get the umbrella stand. I bet Pier One or Pottery Barn would carry a nice replacement!

Anonymous said...

I did indeed sell the Moorcroft vase at auction in 2000 for $3750. 8 years later it's up to $15,000!
Better than the stock market!