Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Taking care of outdoor stonework and statues

Outdoor stonework and statues, even if made of granite, can be damaged by acid rain, frost and plants like ivy. Put garden statues on raised stands to keep moisture from grass away from the statues. Wash the statues with a hose and a soft brush.

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Anonymous said...

Although, my pieces in question are iron (I couldn't find a proper location to post other than this), I am interested in preventing additional rust. The pair of iron water dragons were probably hanging on an Asian building, and since they are entwined with cattails and open mouths, they might have been used as some type of fountain, although they are flat. They have a slate-like bluish-grey matt patina with pitting and patches of rust throughout. I would like to preserve the pieces the way they are--rust, pitts and all--but want to prevent further rusting and pitting. They hang on a wall in my home. Any suggestions to preserve them while maintaining the integrity of the pieces would be appreciated.