Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Q: I have a wall-hung, wood case clock with a pendulum and chimes. There is no maker's name on the clock face, but this mark is engraved on the clockworks. The clock belonged to my grandfather, who came from England to Canada in the early 1900s. Can you tell me who made it and how old it is?

A: This mark was used by Gustav Becker (1819-1885), who founded a clock factory in Freiburg, Silesia, Germany, c.1848. The mark includes his initials and an image of the Medaille d'Or (gold medal) that Becker won at the 1852 trade exposition in Silesia. Becker also marked his clocks with serial numbers, which indicate the year of manufacture. (The serial number in 1890 was 800,000.) Gustav Becker's clock company became part of Junghans in 1926, but the Becker name was used until 1936.


Tom Buckner said...

Hi - I'm writing about the Gustav Becker clock in today's mailing. I have a mantel clock, from my parents, with the same mark. I think it was perhaps sold by Kuehl Clock Company on North Wabash in Chicago, where my parents lived -- the face has "K.C. Co. Germany", which I think combines both credits -- not sure about the Kuehl part yet, but there was an ad for a very similar clock listed on EBay:


and the "K.C. Co." is the Kuehl Company mark.

I'm of course not sure of the Chicago/Kuehl connection, and wonder if you have any thoughts on this.

Thanks very much, and also for all your fine work!

Tom Buckner

Anonymous said...

I have a GB double gong wall clock I bought used in Germany in the 1970's. Where can I look up the serial number to find out when it was manufactured?


richb said...

i have a german made carriage clock that is very unusal. i was hoping maybe you could tell me who made it. it is a musical alram carriage clock. that plays the song dixie. made in germeny in about 1900, it has numbers on the face and has a nazi symbol with a circle underneth,with fms in it. i can send you pictures. can you give a ideal of who may have made this. thanks