Thursday, June 17, 2010


Meriden B. Company
Q: An elderly lady gave me this "lemonade stand," as she called it, and silver goblet. The writing on the front of the stand says "Congratulations of Weisbrod & Hess." It has two circular marks on the bottom. One pictures scales with the words "Meriden B. Company" around them and the other says "Quadruple plate." It also says "Pat'd June 13, 1868" and "Pat'd Nov. 30, 1868." Can you give me any information about it? The front feet are bent. Will it lower the value of the piece if I have it repaired?

A: Your silver plate pitcher with stand is an ice water pitcher. It is an insulated pitcher used to keep ice water, iced tea, or lemonade cold during a dinner. The pitchers were often engraved and given as presentation pieces. Your pitcher was made by Meriden Britannia Company, which was founded in Meriden, Connecticut, in 1852. The words "Quadruple Plate" were not marked on Meriden silver plate after 1896. Meriden became part of International Silver Co. in 1898. Weisbrod & Hess was a Philadelphia brewery in business from 1882 to 1939 except for a few years during Prohibition. Your pitcher and matching goblet were made between 1882 and 1896. These pitchers are very popular but inexpensive. A set like yours, if repaired, will bring $250.

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