Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Make a chandelier from hanging electrified fruit jars or wine bottles--or display all the old bottles you find--and look like the "with-it" rooms in the Pottery Barn catalog. Oversized wine bottles sell in the catalog for up to $279 each. The wine bottle chandelier is $399. You can buy the same type of bottles for much less at a bottle show or flea market.



Anonymous said...

Not sure what the point is to subscribe to the online newsletter since, as confirmed by the subscription department, few articles have any photographs to go on in terms of determining worth of items owned. Really liked articles in monthly mailed newsletter which I found more useful than online newsletter. Received a response from Kovel's customer service dept. that not even a premium membership would enable me to see about the same in terms of photographs. What a waste of money!

Anonymous said...

The digital newsletter contins exactly the same information and pictures as the print newsletter. The pictures come up with each article in the PDF. Let us know if there is some unexpected reason that the pictures do not appear.

Terry Kovel

old beer bottle said...

I have several bottles that I have dug up from the Panama Canal Zone... not really sure their worth, there are a few, I can't type their entire descriptions, as I would get tired typing, suggest you read more about my digs at
I'm listing them here as it cost nothing to list and I can just refer others this website. List your items there too, and lets see if we can find buyers and sellers for some of these bottles