Thursday, June 3, 2010


Edwin Bennett Pottery
Q: I have a pitcher and washbowl my husband bought for me at an estate sale. The bottom is stamped "Alba China" and has a picture of the earth with a sword through it. The words around the globe are "Bona Fama Est Melior Zona Aurea."

A: This mark was used by the Edwin Bennett Pottery Company after 1890. It was used on the company's semi-porcelain ware. The Latin motto "Bona Fama Est Melior Zona Aurea" roughly translates as "A good reputation is better than a golden belt." "Alba" means white. The pottery was in business in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1846 to 1936. Your pieces would sell for about $75.

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I have the chamber pot set it has a wash basin, large pitcher,smaller pitcher,shaving mug,toothbrush holder Its missing the chamber pot and soap dish but mine does not have alba china on it: however it does have the globe with sword going through it and the words bona fama est at top of globe and the words melior zona aurea at bottom of globe is this worth anything or is it a replica of original set

amanda said...

The mark you have was placed on all semi-porcelain wares beginning in 1890 and through the end of the 19th century. The mark for Alba China only differs in that it indicates a specialty line of that name.

amanda said...

The mark you have is the general mark used on all semi-porcelain wares made by Bennett beginning in 1890 through the end of the nineteenth-century and into the twentieth. The "Alba China" on the other example simply indicates a special line of wares marketed under the name Alba.