Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Q: I have this 13-inch toy tram truck that my folks brought me from the World's Fair in Chicago back in 1933. I doubt it would be in collector's condition because I pushed this a million miles and have worn out the tires, and the paint is in a poor state. Can you give me an estimate of what it is worth?

A: Greyhound was the official transportation carrier of the1933 Century of Progress World's Fair. It provided sightseeing tours of the grounds as well as transportation from stops outside the grounds. Your toy is a replica of one of the sightseeing buses. It was made by Arcade Manufacturing of Freeport, Illinois, in 1933. Arcade was incorporated in 1885 and made hinges, coffee mills, and other products in the early years. The company made banks beginning in 1908, but toys were not a big part its production until after 1920. Your toy bus was made in several sizes and is one of the few toys Arcade copyrighted. Arcade was bought by Rockwell Manufacturing Co. in 1945. Because of its poor condition, your bus is worth only $500. A bus in excellent condition could cost over $1,500.

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waynard said...

Hi. I'm an Arcade collector, amongst other toys. Though you indicate Arcade made this toy in several sizes, you don't specify which of these sizes this particular toy is. I think your response of "...poor condition...$500.00 ..." is rather high, even for the largest size. These things are all over EBay and other auction sites for as little as $120-150.00 in this condition. How do you justify this estimate? More info please?